Woo Product Quantity Range Price


  1. Quick and easy installation.
  2. Multiple quantity range price set in simple Product, variation product, Product Category & Product Tag .
  3. Three type price you can set in product.
    1. Percentage discount
    2. Price discount
    3. Selling price
  4. Set Quantity range User Roles Wise
  5. Two type quantity range you can set at product price.
    1. Between quantity range set price ( 10 – 15 )
    2. Minimum quantity or range set price ( 50 or more )
  6. Full plugin enable / disable facility option.
  7. Product wise enable / disable facility option.
  8. Front-end show quantity range price list on product detail page.
  9. Set front-end quantity price style options.

Demo Product:

Simple ProductVariation ProductProduct CategoryProduct Tag

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